Best in class, automation focused for Process, Factory, Building and Power domains, with sole idea of delivering innovative solutions that help your business scale new heights.

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FDT Offerings

Utthunga provides FDT DTM development framework that can slash time by 60% while also reducing costs by as much as 55%. Supports DTM development from EDD & FDI packages.

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Utthunga's Accelerators orchestrates the provisioning of complex Development & Test environments and aims at the one click "Build - Deploy - Test" scenario.

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Utthunga’s development tools & framework based product engineering services will help Automation OEMs & End-users to quickly adopt exponential technologies and kick-start their digital transformation journey towards Industry 4.0.

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Array of core technical skills out classing the best in industry, helping us deliver the diverse technology needs of our customers. Spread across globe, deploying on numerous platforms with variety of tools and languages.

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Utthunga development tools, end-user solutions and framework based product engineering service ecosystem enables automation OEMs and end-users to quickly develop solutions, with seamless flexibility, improved performance, easy access and speedy decisions.
Utthunga’s tools are built around field device integration (EDDL, FDT, and FDI) and device management, device and plant data acquisition, monitoring, control, analytics and visualization.


"My experiences with Utthunga were generally positive. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is when we had a corrupt DTM installer up on our...

"The team at Utthunga has played a pivotal role in the development of our next generation service tool. The research done to date will allow us to...

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